Liedertexte und Weisheiten
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Liedertexte und Weisheiten

The Secret: “You can have whatever you want.”
The Work: “You can want whatever you have.”

The Secret: “My will be done. I know what’s best for me.”
The Work: “Thy will be done (=Thy will is done). What’s best for me is what actually happens.” (In A Thousand Names for Joy, Katie says, “God’s will and your will are the same, whether you notice it or not.”)

The Secret: “You can control your thoughts.”
The Work: “You are not the thinker. It’s not possible to suppress your stressful thoughts. But when you question them, they let go of you.”

The Secret: “You can manifest your positive thoughts as reality.”
The Work: “Reality already is the best thing that could be manifested. When you realize this, you’re home free.”


........I’m talking about the passion and compassion in this universe and beyond, the most incredible energy that created the sun, the moon, the Earth from dust. From nothing to create everything. To create this Earth with ceilings without pillars, incredible textures of carpet, alive, beautiful, ever-changing. To create a magnificent light, made up of every shade. To create night lights that are unimaginable—the moon, the clouds, the stars, all of it. And for you to have the ability to witness this, not only to see but be able to admire. To make every day and never to make two alike—this is craftsmanship. To make the trees and snowflakes and never two alike. And to make human beings and never two alike.

When the rain pours and pours, remember the magnificence that you have been blessed with. Remember what the possibilities are. Remember that you’re part of it all. You’re not some abstract, good-for-nothing thing that just happened to be. When the craftsmanship is so good then every bit needs to be looked at and admired, nothing is frivolous. Not a grain of sand, not a leaf, not a snowflake, not a raindrop is out of place. And if you accept that, then you must also accept you’re not out of place. See and understand the reality, because it is more beautiful than anything you have imagined. And as spring comes every day in your life, without hesitation, sprout......

Prem Rawat

Wer hat den Ernst in dein Gesicht gebracht?
Wer hat das Licht gelöscht in dir?

Wer hat die roten Wangen bleich gemacht?
Wer brach so ein in dein Revier?

Wer nahm die Leichtigkeit,
die Unbefangenheit?
Wer brachte dich um deine allerschönste Zeit?

Wer machte deine klaren Augen blind?
Wer trieb mit dir ein böses Spiel?

Wer tötete das unbeschwerte Kind,
das immer aufstand wenn es fiel?

Wer bremste deinen Drang?
Wer lehrte dich den Zwang?
Wer brach die Flügel dir bevor der Flug gelang?

Wer ließ dich einfach in der Ecke stehen?
Wer hat dein Spielzeug dir zerstört?

Zu wem hast du vergeblich aufgesehen?
Auf wen hast du umsonst gehört?

Wer hat nur unerlaubt die Zukunft dir geraubt?
Wem hast du vorbehaltlos bis zum Schluß geglaubt?
Wem hast du vorbehaltlos bis zum Schluß geglaubt?


ein schon etwas älteres, aber immer noch aktuelles lied von herman van veen AGB

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