Liedertexte und Weisheiten
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Poets, lose your pens,
Painters, toss your brushes
in the sea,
Musicians, give your instruments
then go for a long walk.

When you're done,
keep walking,
notice the beauty all around you.
Don't try to remember
a single thing,

This holy moment is your poetry,
your art, your song.

Do not concern yourself with giving it form.

The One for whom you create
deeply loves what you just didn't do.

(Autor ist mir unbekannt)
hans1962 meinte am 2. Aug, 22:52:
... and the One is You...
creature antwortete am 2. Aug, 23:08:
...der zustand wenn alles losgelassen wurde, das braucht man ab und zu. 
hans1962 antwortete am 2. Aug, 23:57:
true. AGB

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